Contact Center
Learn How To Maximize Productivity and Reduce Employee Turnover

Connect Your Enterprise Contact Center to your CRM and Elevate Your Customer Experience.

Experience a unified environment with true Omni-Channel voice, web, email, chat, and social media that will increase customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. A well-designed contact center will make your employees’ jobs easier and more enjoyable. Utilize automation to route points-of-contact to the application, service, or the “RIGHT” agent. Report on and manage the flow of customer contact information via, phone, email, social, and chat all within a single system. Use Artificial Intelligence and Conversation AI to resolve simple inquiries and keep the more challenging issues for your agents.

Manage personnel with a workforce management tool embedded in the platform and forecast agent necessity based on the history across all of your points-of-contact.

Review customer calls with quality management and analytics to record agent interactions, measure customer experience, and hear the Voice of the Customer for agent training. Monitor and manage call recording, customer interaction history across all channels, and CRM integration.

Cloud-based call center software helps businesses maximize the quality of leads and minimize the cost of client interaction.

Integrate your CRM and automatically update customer account information accurately in real-time.

Featured Technology Services:

  • Conversation AI

  • Social Media Engagement

  • Automatic Call Distribution

  • Interactive Voice Response

  • Centrally Managed, Distributed Applications

  • CRM Integrations

  • Blended Inbound Outbound Queuing

  • Predictive Dialing

  • Customer Survey

  • Workforce Management

  • Quality Management

  • Quality Analytics

  • E-Learning

Utilizing voice and non-voice channels we partner with our clients to meet increasing customers’ demands by helping them communicate within a unified environment.

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