Conversation AI
Customer Service is Your Biggest Differentiator!

Learn how this software solution can Resolve Tier 1 calls, answer every call 24/7, and scale customer service elastically.

Conversation AI

With our Conversation AI Solution you can:

  • Resolve tier-1 cases over the phone with flexible, natural-sounding AI-powered conversations.

  • Answer every call and eliminate hold times with 24/7 service.

  • Scale customer service elastically without training new agents, offshoring, or increasing costs.

Resolve tier-1 customer service issues with human-like conversations that respond in <1 second, understand caller requests with 94%+ inference accuracy, and leverage data from CRM and other systems for caller authentication and deeper personalization.

Fully Managed Continuous Learning

Automatically retrain AI models with minimal human intervention so that customer conversations improve without needing to train agents or deploy new call scripts.

Omnichannel Support

Provide streamlined, multi-modal conversations that reduce average handle time by directing callers to SMS and collecting caller information faster with visual IVR mobile web forms.

Advanced Analytics and Insights

Transcribe what customers are saying on every call, search for conversation keywords in real-time, and auto-tag conversations based on call attributes to get deeper insights into customer sentiment, most called about issues, and other key call drivers.

CRM and Contact Center Integrations

Integrate with contact center and CRM software to authenticate callers, escalate calls that require empathy, and automatically log and resolve tickets without agent intervention.

Security and Reliability

Give the highest quality customer service that’s secure and reliable with a HIPAA, SOC II, PCI, and GDPR-compliant platform that provides high availability infrastructure and efficient load balancing across thousands of concurrent calls.

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